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by SCNM1@ on October 7, 2013

Alternatives in Healthcare

Alternatives for Health Care with Dr. Anthony James

by Anthony B. James DNM(P), ND(T), MD(AM), DPHC(h.c.), RAC, SMOKH Academic Dean SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and Thai Yoga Center.

Time to stop complaining and looking for Health Care handouts is over. Alternative Health Care is the answer.

Most should read the writing on the wall so to speak. The answer is not Obama Care or the Affordable Health Care Act! It is not insurance companies or the like.

The problem is that the “Health Care” everyone is debating access and cost over is broken, ineffective, corrupted, profit over compassion motivated from the ground up. In many cases it simply does not work and itself represent more of an actual health threat than the diseases it purports to cure. There is clearly a lack of alternatives in health care and it’s getting worse!

This problem begins with ordinary individuals who over the past 50 years gave up their personal responsibility for their own health and that of their families and communities and instead begged the gov’t to take care of them. Part of the issue is how since the 1930’s Americans have instead of taking care of themselves and preserving the great legacy of historical natural medicine, family medicine and Native American Medicine (which always had the ability to treat most diseases but required again a little personal discipline and responsibility), they begged the medical industry for Magic Pills and Magic High Tech Cures which required no responsibility and made Doctors, Drug Companies and Financial Monsters, and politicians with little or no health education their masters of Healing.

The current American system never did from the beginning have anything to do with healing or what we call true medicine. To the present day as from the beginning it has to do with money, power and prestige and lately I have added socio-politico engineering. We need to return to being able to offer true medicine for the people that is not based entirely on profit and politics. The answer is in alternative health care, traditional Naturopathic, Natural, Holistic schools of healing based on love, compassion, joy and balanced mind as their primary outcomes.

We know what these are and they are available here. The best path to health is directly out of your system doctors office and hospital and into the offices and care of a practitioner of sacred medicine. There are several great traditions of true medicine to seek in the world Traditional (Non- Drug/ Non surgery) Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Thai Traditional Medicine, Classical Indian Ayurveda, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Traditional Native American Medicine, Biblical and scripturally basic Sacred Medicine such as Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine practiced the oriental way.

Find Alternative Health Care

There are great sources for non-invasive, natural and traditional based therapy and healing currently available such as:
Gerson Institute,

Hippocrates Health Institute,

Weston A. Price Foundation.

An Oasis of Healing

The Rogers Cancer Institute

There are associations of care providers who are not primarily part of the commercial, profit care system such as:

ANMA (American Naturopathic Medical Association),

SMOCH (Sacred medical Order of the Church of Hope)

ONACS (Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda)

AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America)

NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association)
AHHA (American Holistic Health Association)

ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

For a more exhaustive list of alternative resources and links to the associations that represent them Click Below!

List of Alternative Health Care Holistic and Natural Medicine Providers/ Organizations

Many of these alternative health care associations providing alternatives in health care such as holistic and traditional and or natural based healing modalities maintain databases of local practitioners and providers which can be accessed. If you don’t see what your looking for keep looking!

There is a huge diversity in philosophy of practice and strategies for health among the many associations and the practitioners they represent. There is also a huge diversity in scope of practice and level of competency just like there is in conventional mainstream medicine. However, the one thing most Holistic and or Spiritually based providers share is that their primary reason for providing healthcare at all is NOT profit over compassion!

Put your money where your mouth is so to speak and actually utilize the alternative, complimentary, traditional and familial resources available to you. The only areas where western allopathic medicine might provide a genuine care option is in emergency, trauma and the immediate necessity of triage and acute injury. Virtually every other health concern of mind, body and spirit is best served outside of that type of system. Most of the world today provides a better system of healthcare than American based on understanding and validation of these principles.

Part of taking more personal care and responsibility is beginning to educate yourself about what you can do for yourself in the sense of self care and what you can do to find a truly holistic approach for the issues you cannot treat or manage yourself.

Part of taking responsibility is turning to genuine holistic educational systems to become creditable practitioners of all levels and competencies to be able to provide quality services, support and the counseling model that true health care represents.

Enroll today and become an educated and creditable Alternative Healthcare and Natural Medicine care giver or provider! Click Here!

Will the new health care bills provided by the government pay for these types of services? Probably not! As these services are not profit and politically based and are genuinely provided as compassionate care alternatives they are usually provided by smaller organizations and private individual providers, therapists and doctors in small clinics and offices. They are usually fee based and quite reasonable. Usually the cost will be far lower than that your private insurance or co-pay. The long term cost are much lower in the financial obligations incurred and in the actual quality of life and personal longevity/ survival they represent. Who cares if your insurance pays for your health care in the short term if you don’t survive the treatments that insurance paid for?

Traditional, Natural, Spiritually based healthcare has survived systemically for thousands of years and has proven it’s self effective in remedy of suffering in every age of man and civilization. The current allopathic medical climate and profit based medicine system is new, experimental, unproven in the long term and causes more harm than it remedies. Consider the reasonable alternative strategy of dis-enrolling from it, with draw from it. Only use it when it is the best “Alternative” and no other exist and for every day care, health, healing, medicine and counseling (Mental Health) use the proven true medicines and systems of healing and the institutions and schools that represent them as your primary resources.

SCNM supports Alternatives in Healthcare. SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine a Seminary of ONACS provides four practitioner certificate and three college degree programs to answer the need and necessity for concrete solutions and alternatives to the current Government, State and Federal systems of commercial health care. In addition to education we can provide viable legal strategies for both private and group practice as well as legal exemptions from participation in both the Affordable Care act requirements and provisions as well as mandatory vaccination programs etc. If you are currently a licensed health care provider wishing to explore how to offer a genuine alternative scope of practice in spiritually based natural medicine, we can assist you in both specific education and legal guidelines and protections to be able to offer these services without violating SOP standards and scope of practice.


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