Indian Health Care Certificate Courses

Indian Health Care Certificate courses
Native American Indigenous Church (NAIC) and SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine is announcing our new Indian Health Care Certificate Courses for Native American providers of specialty wellness services and counseling targeted at specific illnesses and conditions causing much suffering in the Native American communities both on and off reservation. The first program is the SomaVeda® Native Healthcare Specialist: Native Diabetes Care Counselor™, however we hope to add more certificate courses for professionally Indigenous Native counselors seeking to improve the health and longevity of all Native Peoples. Our courses are unique in that honor, respect and incorporate traditional sacred medicine teachings and ceremony with modern evolving natural medicine strategies for curing the people.  Participants are empowered to return and work with reservation populations in providing healthcare. In addition to treatment strategies based on Sacred Medicine traditions, we will teach vital organizational skills, office and record keeping and marketing to develop a successful practice.

For practitioners of all disciplines desiring to work with native communities we recommend our courses as preparation and compatible to your existing practice.

Indian Health Care Certificate Courses

SomaVeda® Native Healthcare Specialist:

Diabetes Care Counselor Certificate

A SomaVeda® Native Health Care Specialist: Certified Native Diabetes Counselor™ is a Indigenous, traditional and or Native American health professional, Certified after rigorous training, authorized by Native American Indigenous Church (NAIC), who possesses comprehensive knowledge of and experience in diabetes management, pre-diabetes, and diabetes prevention. A SomaVeda® NHS NDCC™ (Certified Native Diabetes Care Counselor™ ) educates and supports people affected by diabetes to understand and manage the condition. A SomaVeda® NHS NDCC™ promotes guided self-management following our traditional medicine person model to achieve individualized behavioral and treatment goals that optimize health outcomes and reduce and or eliminate the impact of Diabetes in our community. Native Healthcare Specialist: Native Diabetes Care Counselor™ is an individual who is involved with advising those that are suffering from diabetes, on how to manage all aspects of the condition including the emotional and spiritual aspects. They also offer general education to those that are not infected, on healthy eating so as to avoid the risk of catching diabetes.

Course details:

(30 CE Hour/ Three Day) How to effectively address the physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional factors that lead to the debilitating illness of Diabetes and it’s many complications. We will cover role of Sacred Nutrition, Sacrament and Ceremony in healing Diabetes from the NAIC Indigenous, traditional and Native American Perspective.

The Native Health Care Specialist: Diabetes Counselor will learn and practice traditional based strategies for reducing and or eliminating the condition and increasing the quality of life for Diabetes sufferers. This certificate program, developed by Native Americans for Native Americans, will allow specialist to establish a Native Health Care: Native Diabetes Counseling service on their home reservation as well as anywhere Native People would benefit from this service.

Please note! Registration Fee Includes Dorm Housing and or camping as available.

Please Note! Registration fee includes a basic meal plan based on course objectives. Call for details.

Course Includes:

Workbook and Support materials

On-line pre-requisite course issued 30 days before attendance

What is Diabetes?

How does Diabetes develop?

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Why are Native Americans Affected at higher levels than general population?

Reservation Diet and Failure of Modern Diet

Traditional Native Nutrition and Key to wellness

World Indigenous Medicines perspectives on treating Diabetes in Native Populations

Clia Waived Blood Glucose Test and Monitoring

Alcoholism and Diabetes

Indigenous Healers Treat Symptoms of Diabetes

Dealing with Neuropathy with Nature Cure

Dense Nutrition for Toxicity and Deficiency

Juicing and Blending Strategies and Recipes

Reduce Diabetes in 30 to 60 day protocol

Traditional Native Roles of Medicine Person in healing for Individuals and communities.

Native Herbal Remedies for Diabetes and related conditions.

Native Herbal Apothecary

Classical Ayurveda and Diabetes

When to refer to medical?

Non-invasive alternatives and clinical adjuncts to enhance practice.

SomaVeda Integrative Traditional Therapies® Thai Yoga Intro

Native American Chirothesia and Hands on Healing, Annointing and Blessing

Legal Guidelines for NAIC Indian Health Care Specialist and Counselors

Clinic and Practice procedures and Marketing

Written Exam and Certificate on Completion.

Continuing Education available to graduates

Pre-requisites: This class is open to any and all persons and students from any background or level of training. Class size is limited and preference is given to Indigenous, Native American and NAIC members.  This intensive is suitable for new students or practitioners seeking an alternative modality from a spiritual perspective. SomaVeda® Integrated Traditional Therapies: Native Diabetes Carer Counselor™ Certificate program incorporates elements of mindfulness, ancient, traditional and modern evolving ideas and technologies to systematically to create and support a singular healing experience. Expect to gain tremendous insight into positively impact populations and clients suffering from Diabetes.

What do we teach in this course?

The Native Diabetes Care Counselor™ Certificate course covers the basic concepts of education and counseling coupled with hands on healing in a balanced protocol using SomaVeda®. This traditional and indigenous medicine derived system allows the practitioner or teacher to gain a three dimensional or holistic perspective on facilitating and participating in anothers healing process.

·      After completing this course, students will: the student can function as a Native Diabetes Care Counselor™ providing Indian Health Care Alternative therapy, guidance and counseling within the greater Native American population. Of course this information would be helpful to anyone concerned about risk associated with Diabetes in their life.

·      Understand the basic elements of the theory of both traditional and modern anatomy, physiology and biology as it relates to Diabetes Care

·      Major clinical applications for use in clinical or professional treatment environment.

·      Understand the benefits and contraindications as well as clinical medical applications of  Diabetes Care in practice.

·      Understand and be able to perform the basic protocol and principles of SomaVeda® BET/ Bio-tapping technique for balancing and clearing negative emotion.

Next Diabetes Care Counselor Course: January, March, June, September, November 2018.

NAIC is offering generous grants and Tuition scholarships for Tribal/ Native American Applicants. Call the Office for Specific Details on Grants and Tuition Scholarships.

Important Note! We consider this class to be a Sophisticated Beginner Class. Graduates at this level should under no circumstances consider themselves to be medical professionals or present their practice to the public as medical professionals. These classes are meant for educational purposes only and do not purport to make any medical recommendations. Medical recommendations and diagnosis for any disease condition is regulated by both Federal and State law and may only be practiced by a licensed physician or other licensed health care provider. However, this class when practiced in conjunction with all of the SomaVeda® provides a very firm and substantial foundation from which to become a professional! This program is currently included as a module for our SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine (SCNM) College Degree Programs.

ONACS SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine: Indian Health Care Specilist programs

NAIC SomaVeda Accreditations, Approvals and Recognitions

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