Healing Practice, Is Yours Legal?

by SCNM1@ on January 31, 2014

Healing Practice, is yours legal?

Your Natural Medicine and Alternative Healing Practice May Not Be Legal!

By Anthony B. James

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If you practice any form of alternative, complimentary and or spiritually based healing work and either do not have a license and or are practicing outside your mandated scope of practice you are at risk!  In simple terms your healing practice may NOT be legal!

Ask yourself “What is the legal basis for my healing or therapy practice?” or simply Is my healing practice legal?If the answer is “I don’t know”, “I’m not sure” or there isn’t one then highly likely your at risk.

Even if you have an existing state license for some kind of medicine , therapy, counseling or healing practice, if the therapies you actually use or want to us are not specifically included in the text of your license you could be practicing “Out of Scope of Practice”. This could mean you could be at risk as if you had no license! Worse, violations of legal scope of practice could mean your subject to even more serious penalties and fines than someone who never held a license!

Being violated looks like censure, revocation of license, fines, citations and possibly criminal charges along with loss of revenue and possibly having to leave the state you currently reside in. The possible repercussions of an ill defined and or technically illegal practice are varied and insidious.

We have a solution!

Native American Indigenous Church









You can make your healing practice legal. All it takes is a little bit of training and authorization to practice legitimately as a member of a Federally recognized tribal organization.

In order to continue your ability to practice Spiritually and or Energetically based Indigenous, Natural and or Native Healing and Wellness Services, Thai Yoga and or Thai Massage or related SomaVeda® methods or related, you will need to become an active Member of NAIC according to your authorized scope of practice.

You must have an active NAIC membership to qualify for legal protection under our authority.

Your previous training and certificates via SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, Thai Yoga Center, Certified Teachers, and or other schools and trainings may all ready qualify you for NAIC membership. However, In order to qualify for the legal protections offered under NAIC Authority and Membership and or Authorized Blessed medicine Cards Program, additional training and or NAIC Certification may be required.

NAIC Home Website
To apply for NAIC Membership and or for more information Click Here!
Training Programs which qualify for NAIC Membership: Thai Yoga Center

To be clear. If the healing practice you are practicing: Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, SomaVeda®, Thai Yoga, Thai Massage, Pancha Karma, Sacred Nutritional and or Food Counseling, Detox Programs, Bio-Energetic, EFT, Bio-Tapping, Massage, Reiki, Herbology, Homeopathy, Flower Remedies, Aroma Therapy, Rain Drop Therapy, Traditional Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Native American Medicine, Lomi Lomi, Acupressure, Ministerial Counseling and or Psychological services, Colon Hydro-therapy, Iridology, Flower Remedies, Acupressure and or similar without a license which specifically includes your actual scope of practice and services rendered to the public, your practice may be illegal and you are subject to legal penalties including fines, censure and prosecutions from various local, state and federal authorities.

Native American Legal Healing Practice








Question: If my healing practice and or Natural Medicine practice is authorized by ONACS, as a member practitioner is there special paperwork I am required to file or keep?

The simple answer to making your healing practice legal is yes. Just because your now a member of our Native American Church and authorized to practice as a medicine person does not mean you will be free of paperwork!

Waivers and Consent Forms are Required:
If you have already secured your NAIC Authorized Membership great! However, in order to guarantee your safety and right to practice you must have each and every new client join NAIC at the APM level and sign the official waiver and consent form BEFORE rendering services. Failure to do so viods your established protections and opens you up to the possibility of negative legal consequences. If you do not follow the recommended procedures regarding informed consent for your clients, NAIC protections are viod.

Teacher candidates: Please note that all session hours and clients listed for credit towards required practice hours must be sessions performed legally and in accordance with SCNM/ NAIC policies regarding necessity of individual APM and informed consent. We can no longer accept practice hours on non NAIC members.

Question? What if I have a Massage, Massage Therapy or other License? Doesn’t that protect me?

Avoid legal issues with a legal basis for your healing practice








State and National Massage Therapy Scope of Legal Practice do NOT include many CAM practices and therapies such as Ayurveda, Pancha Karma, Detox Programs, Assessments, Psychological and Emotional Therapies, Thai Yoga, Traditional Thai Massage, Yoga Therapy, Spiritually based Massage, Sacred Food, Eating and Supplement strategies, personal and spiritually based Psychological Counseling etc. In fact they may specifically prohibit you from doing them! (Read your Scope of Practice State Massage Law!) More than this, if your practicing out side your Legal Scope of Practice as defined in your particular state your Liability Insurance is not covering these practices in the event of an accident or claimed injury! Most Massage Liability Insurance programs such as AMTA, ABMP etc. specifically state that in your practice outside your SOP the policy is “null and void” in the event of a claim!

Recently, we have received reports that unlicensed, out of scope of practice healers are being prosecuted, fined, censured and literally shut down because they did not have the forsight to plan ahead and establish a legal basis for their healing work. Both the Federal Gov’t and all Licensing States have hired additional investigators specifically to track down, investigate and prosecute/ persecute so called “Unlicensed” practitioners. They have every legal right and mandate to do so.

Where can I find more information on the legal protections offered through NAIC? Click Here!

No Loop Holes!

The only reasonable answer to avoid both legal and liability issues to to establish and claim your right to practice today with an NAIC Membership.

We want to ensure all of our graduates, former and current students rights to practice without fear or interference. If you have not applied for the appropriate NAIC Authorized Membership, do so today! Unlike other “associations” it’s a one time fee for most memberships.

Don’t put your practice, your clients, your life at risk of legal jeopardy! Come out of the “Loop Hole” shadows. Stop basing your future on “Maybe no one will file a complaint”.

Take immediate and positive action to create a healing practice legal basis for your therapy, counseling and healing work today!

If your not sure if your specific practice is covered or if you have any questions regarding NAIC Membership and or our Authorized Blessed Medicine Card Program, contact us today by email or phone.

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