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Bachelor Applied Sacred Science Yoga Therapy Degree

The Bachelor Applied Sacred Science Degree Yoga Therapy is designed for Certified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapist professionals with college credit and/ or college-equivalent credit. The degree is structured on the “inverted major” concept which builds an individually designed academic degree program around the major you’ve already completed.  This is a unique series of courses that are rarely found in schools and colleges of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) or Natural Medicine.

Bachelor Applied Science Yoga Therapy

Bachelor Applied Sacred Science in Yoga Therapy Distinctions
• Receive 33 semester hours with (IYAT, YTA, KYTA, CYTA, Yoga Alliance, IYTA, NAIC, AAPNA or similar) board certification, and complete additional SCNM coursework to fulfill the BAS major and overall bachelor degree requirements.
• Transfer up to 39 semester hours of direct college credit or college equivalent credit toward your SCNM degree. Additional credit is awarded for documented two-years related work experience.
• Enroll in completely online courses after registration and pre-requisite courses (CTP1, 2, 3) is complete – one course at a time, or more to accelerate your degree completion.
• Complete upper-division online coursework in health care management, professional communication, social science, and more.
• Finish your bachelor degree in less than two years, depending upon your remaining degree requirements determined at the time of admission.

Our Bachelor Applied Sacred Science in Yoga Therapy Degree can enable you to explore the exciting field of Yoga Therapy practice and education, natural health and alternative medicine and gain the knowledge to work in the alternative Yoga Therapy and natural medicine environment.

This degree program is great for practicing Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapist who are looking to incorporate indigenous and traditional natural healing methods into their careers. Students learn about the different modalities associated with alternative medicine with courses such as Ayurveda, SomaVeda® Indigenous Thai Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Herbology and Botany, Nutrition, Anti-Aging, Homeopathy, Detoxification, Antioxidants, Indigenous Religious Therapeutic and Native healing and medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Bachelor Applied Sacred Science in Yoga Therapy – Major: Natural Health/ Alternative Medicine can provide students with a holistic approach to health and wellness and prepare students for entry-level careers in the alternative medicine field.

Same great curriculum as our regular Bachelor Sacred Science- Major: Traditional and Natural Health but with less required course work depending on you actual Yoga Teacher / Yoga Therapy Training and work experience!

Unique requirements require novel approaches. Instead of the traditional (secular) curriculum design, we researched what health educators at both leadership and practitioner levels actually need to know and be able to do in the field of missionary services. We then used this analysis to develop a series of learning outcomes and from this we developed this unique, online curriculum. We have graduated many successful practitioners with these courses. The subjects you study all yield essential knowledge and skills – there is no redundant or superfluous material in your study program.

Our aim is to make studying as pleasant as possible for you without compromising standards. The College residential requirements are modular and allow for the student to begin developing a personal and or clinical practice after the completing the first class! All courses in the on-line curriculum (Second Year)  are completely self-contained, online, and, have no prescribed textbooks. In addition, each of these subjects are presented to you in easy to handle units. This Bachelor’s program is produced in a radically different, online format. They are  interactive, self-contained formats. The subjects require you to consult our Lesson Readers to complete a series of self-evaluation exams based on a range of online resources provided within each course.

Bachelor Applied Sacred Science Yoga Therapy Degree Requirements
Transferring Into SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine
BASSYT Major Requirements Transferred into SCNM 39-60 semester hours.
The Bachelor Applied Sacred Science Yoga Therapy is fulfilled with verification of previous recognized certification, as well as the completion of additional SCNM coursework to fulfill major requirements (see below). Students must transfer in a minimum of 39 semester hours with a maximum of 60 semester hours allowed in transfer credit toward bachelor degree requirements.

Liberal Arts Education Requirements That Can Transfer into SCNM 12-13 semester hours (Based on 60+ semester hours of transfer credit)

  1. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate’s (CTP1, 2, 3) (Actual CTP’s required can vary based on actual Yoga Teacher and or Yoga Therapy hours and professional work experience.)
  2. English Composition (6 semester hours)
  3. Math or 4 semester hour lab science (3-4 semester hours)
  4. Social Science, History, Fine Performing Arts or Literature (3 semester hours)

NOTE: If needed, students can fulfill requirements one (2) and three (4) online at SCNM. The math or lab science requirement is transferred in from community college credit or an approved accredited training program.

PREREQUISITES: 825 Hours SomaVeda® Core Modality and Natural Medicine (CTP1, 2, 3) + 60 credit hours – Associate Degree minimum or qualification Certificate as a Practitioner Natural Medicine/ Holistic Health Provider equivalent from a recognized program and or accredited school of Natural Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy etc.

Completed Online via SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine
(Minimum 30 semester hour residency required at SCNM can be completed through online coursework).
BASSc Major Requirements Completed Online at SCNM 12 semester hours
The BASSc major in Yoga Therapy is fulfilled with recognized certification and 12 credits of SCNM online cognate coursework in Health Care Management, Professional Communication, Social Sciences, and more.

Liberal Arts Education Requirements Completed Online at SCNM 9 semester hours
1. Philosophy or Religious Studies (3 semester hours)
2. LAS 301: The Adult Learner (3 semester hours)
3. LAS 401: Senior Seminar (3 semester hours)
Elective Requirements Completed Online at SCNM Minimum of 9 semester hours
As part of a SCNM degree plan, students will complete 300/400 coursework online at SCNM – any approved ACC, BAM, ENG, FIN, HCM, ITM, MGT, MKT, PHI, PCM, PSY, RST, SOC electives. Specific eight-week online courses are offered in certain sessions throughout the academic year. Your academic advisor will assist you in creating a degree plan that works with your schedule.

TOTAL FOR BASYT DEGREE Minimum of 72 semester Credit Hours

GRADUATION: Completion of all residency, clinics and online course exams; short thesis upon completion.This is the main advantage of the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine (NAIC– SCNM) – it provides the practitioner or student with many different tools and protocols to use in clinical practice that go far beyond any one modality.

A Modular System
The Bachelor Applied Sacred Science Yoga Therapy consists of many separate modular courses covering a whole spectrum of health topics. This encourages the student to implement this knowledge-base in clinical practice as soon as they have completed each individual course. Several of the individual required courses offer independent certificates to demonstrate proficiency and specific recognition’s such as the Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Certificate and The Thai Yoga Teacher Certificate.

The modular course structure based on a combination of traditional in-class and didactic and distance-learning allows the student to work at their own pace while working elsewhere without having to disrupt family or working life. The student can even work while they are traveling as much of the course work is on-line format and can easily be completed any where there is a reliable internet connection. Course materials are of the highest standards currently available and easy to follow.

View summary of BASScYT curriculum

There are also many interactive videos and documentaries to watch and you can even copy these directly to your laptop and watch them while on a plane. There are also hundreds of links to many other sources of helpful information – these courses have taken many years to write and develop and are at a cutting-edge level that is difficult to match. The courses should ideally be taken in sequential order to benefit from prerequisite knowledge required to build on. The SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and its courses have been accredited, authorized and recognized by several agencies and authorities. Click here to see the current list of programmatic recognitions.

It is very rare to find a College that takes all these modalities and more and puts them into a Bachelor Applied Science Degree – Major: Yoga Therapy, Natural Health/ Alternative Medicine course – this is the essence of this course – you will not only be studying homeopathy or herbal medicine or naturopathy, but in fact you will study enough of each to be able to practice as a competent Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Holistic Health practitioner, dealing with many health issues that using only one healing modality will not be able to help. Our BASSc major in Yoga Therapy program includes over 25 unique complimentary and alternative medicine specialties that are practiced day to day in both private practice and Natural Care clinics around the world.

This is made possible because the Founder and Academic Dean of the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine (SCNM), Dr. Anthony James has been studying natural methods of health for over 30 years and has amassed degrees and diplomas in the biological sciences, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, Native American Medicine, homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, energy medicine, Iridology, Colon Hydrotherapy, sclerology, live blood analysis, thermography, clinical psychology and clinical sexology, along with additional training and certification in over 50 modalities of healing, as well as many research interests and publications. Along with, Dr. Charles McWilliams, Dean of the PanAmerican School of Natural Medicine (Nevis, West Indies) our primary educational and medical directors have been studying natural methods of health for over 70 years collectively and have amassed degrees and diplomas in the biological sciences, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, Su Jok acupuncture, energy medicine, iridology, sclerology, live blood analysis, thermography, clinical psychology and clinical sexology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Yoga Therapy along with a lot more training in other modalities of healing, as well as many research interests and publications.

Not only did the two founders spend a life-time studying all these topics in depth, but they have applied this knowledge by sponsoring an building a Holistic treatment centers in US, Nevi s West Indies, Ecuador, Thailand and India that use all these modalities and more and sees patients from all over the world, specializing in the treatment of chronic disease. Students taking the Professional Diploma in Yoga Therapy will be able to spend time undertaking clinical work at these cutting-edge Holistic Center as part of their requirements.

If a student decides to go on to complete the Doctor of Sacred Science Degree –  Major: Natural Medicine, there will be  further courses to complete, along with the dissertation (400 hours), making a further 2,000 hours. This is added to the 2595 hours of the BASSM (NH) making a total of 4,595 hours. This is equivalent to just over 500 days of solid work – a lot can be learned in this time!

Clinical Practicuum
Bachelor of Applied Sacred Science (BASScYT) Degree in Yoga Therapy: Natural Health/ Alternative Medicine students will have an opportunity to study with Dr. James and adjunct faculty at our primary US based physical school in Tampa Florida as well as our satellite and affiliate clinics and training facilities in Nevis, West Indies, Ecuador, Thailand and or Kerala South India  and will be able to get hands-on training in all aspects of the holistic healing arts. This will be the students opportunity to see the application of everything they have learned on real patients with real diseases. A one week (60 Hr.) Natural Medicine Board Clinic is required before graduation. This clinic is at an additional expense. and may be scheduled at any regularly scheduled time after first year requirements are met.

There is also the flexibility of studying in other Natural/ Holistic Clinics and Centers closer to home, but these must be assessed by the College before being certified to accept students.

In order to complete the Bachelor Applied Sacred Science (BASScYT) Degree in Yoga Therapy – Major: Natural Health/ Ayurveda/ Alternative Medicine there is a dissertation based on empirical work or case studies that needs to be completed by the end of the course.

Postgraduate Courses
After completing the Bachelor of Applied Sacred Science (BASScYT) Degree in Yoga Therapy – Major: Natural Health/ Alternative Medicine it is possible to immediately move on to the postgraduate Doctor of Natural Medicine/ Traditional Naturopath – DSNM (SND). Credits from the Bachelor of Science Degree/ Bachelor of Applied Science – Major: Natural Health/ Alternative Medicine will be automatically transferable towards this higher degree. All course work and clinics etc in the BASScYT are required and or included in the Doctor of Sacred Natural Medicine (DSNM/ SND) Degree

For BASScYT (Ayurveda) course, curriculum, graduation requirements, Click Here!

*Requires 2595 class/ course contact hours/ 72 Semester Credit Hours Minimum (includes prerequisites) to graduate.

How much does the BASScYT Tuition Cost? Click here!

Important! Reduced Tuition Scholarships are available! We also have liberal payment plans to work with your life and finances. (Current scholarship and or reduced tuition offers expires November 30th. 5:00pm, 2017)

Not Included: Required housing for residential modules (Ctp1, 2, 3, 4 )  There is a separate meal plan available listed with housing.  Electrical for Camping and or Kitchen use fee. Personal medical consultations and or treatments of any kind with Dr. Anthony James or other SCNM/ TYC staff. Personal medical or therapeutic treatments/ consultations are available by appointment at additional expense. See NWS Clinic Menu for details.

Special Tuition for currently enrolled SCNM: TYC Students and or past graduates!

Can I add this Bachelor Applied Sacred Science Degree – Major: Yoga Therapy Degree program to an existing SomaVeda® program I am already enrolled in such as CTP2, TCP, Associates of Arts and or DSNM? Yes! We can combine the BASScYT Degree with any current SCNM or TYC enrollment. If your currently enrolled or a past graduate of the Thai Yoga Center Certification programs give us a call for some very good news! Call TYC Today!

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Please Note: On Site Housing is mandatory to qualify for eligibility for tuition scholarships. On-Site Housing is NOT required to attend SCNM/ TYC programs. Non residential students are considered Student at Large Registrations and may still qualify for special pricing based on date of registration and number of remaining available seats in any given class.


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