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SCNM: Mission

Our sacred ministry and healing arts courses and programs have been in development and use for over 30 years. We are an eclectic community of Native American and Indigenous ministers, medicine men and women, educators, healers, yoga practitioners and teachers who share ideals of community education and sustainable energetic religious therapeutics, health and wellness practices based on traditional concepts.

We practice and support sustainable living principles and practices such as Permaculture, Community Supported Agriculture and currently eat from our three food gardens! We have full time residential training and host a variety of conferences and workshops related to green and natural living, evolution of consciousness, martial arts, relationships, psychology and spiritual studies.

We honor the Lineage, Spiritual Basis and Science of our Work

Our seminary college is not aligned with nor exclusively committed to representing any one particular energy based healing method or spiritual path. We acknowledge the veracity and value of all the world’s indigenous and native wisdom traditions and sacred ways of expressing and practicing religious therapy. We are generously committed to bringing the finest examples of as many different inspirational practices as possible in the most legitimate, ethical and practical way possible. Our curriculum is generally designed to complement all the important areas for personal and professional development for better understanding of health, wellness and the satisfaction of inner well-being. We respect and incorporate modern scientific principles and healing from modern medicine in as far as they do not conflict with our understanding and practice of the spiritual and scriptural basis for the access and and practice of natural healing which is our belief and in accordance with international law.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Declaration of Alma Ata

We Are a Traditional Yoga School Teaching in a Traditional Manner

We are well known and well respected as a SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and Thai Massage school, many of our courses have various levels of professional as well as institutional recognition and accreditation. Our program in SomaVeda® Traditional Thai Yoga and Massage is the oldest running Thai Yoga based sacred healing certification course of its kind in the US. Although there is no specific occupational licensing required for Yoga and Yoga therapies, please refer to individual courses for specifics of recognition and suitability for licensing in your particular area or jurisdiction.

We are a traditional program emphasizing small, personal classes in the Master/ Apprentice relationship style. Apprentice style training is quite different from participating in Western style programs in large groups or corporate style. In apprentice style training you work closely and personally with the Master instructor or directly under the Master’s supervision and guidance. This provides an intensely personal experience.

In our program you learn in the very same way this information was first communicated to us and in the manner it was authentically passed down through the generations. The Thai call the Master Instructor an “Aacharn” or “Aachan.” Our Aachan, Professor, Dr. James is a 37th generation master of formally recognized Thai Traditions and has been personally recognized many times for this in Thailand. Aachan James is also an Ordained Minister and Medicine Chief recognized by the NAIC. No other western instructor has similar or equivalent recognition’s. For a Bio on Aachan J. Click Here.

As you complete course work at NAIC SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine expect to be treated with dignity and respect. However, at the same time please know that the same is always required from students and apprentices as well. We specialize in helping practitioners find their path and their gifts relating to this work and works to bring the ancient traditions to life in a practical expression for everyone.

NAIC is an IRS 508(c)(1)(a) Compliant FBO (Faith Based Organization)

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