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Welcome to The SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, a place to educate your Mind, Body and Spirit. Our courses focus on the integration of the mind, body and spirit so that our students can create a lifestyle harmonious with the Creator and His divine plan.We look forward to helping you achieve the natural health and holistic wellness degree of your choice.

SCNM  is an accredited natural health college, registered Ayurveda school, and natural healing college, granting post-secondary traditional holistic degrees, natural health and indigenous medicine degrees. In addition, all of our advanced degree programs include emphasis on Traditional Natural Medicine( Naturopathy), Homeopathy, Herbology, Sacred Nutrition, Clerical Counseling and ministerial practice, Oriental Medicine and Native American healing.

Unlike programs which are exclusively “ON-Line” or “Distance Only”, we are a live school and the first four modules of training are live, in-class, hands on under instruction of expert staff and teachers who have themselves completed our training programs. We believe the practice of counseling, wellness and spiritual counseling and the hands on therapies requires actual class attendance to meet both competency and legitimate standards for practice.

Degree students also engage in our distance learning environment and programs. As a correspondence school, we offer a convenient alternative to a campus-based education. Trained admissions advisers are available to answer questions about financing options for each distance learning natural health degree program.

SCNM is a Seminary of the Oklevueha Native American Church SomaVeda (ONACS).


The main goal of our SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Counseling School is to provide our students with the traditionally based natural health education needed to counsel, guide and teach others through a consultant health practice. Our objectives are to educate and graduate professional Ministers, Natural Health Therapist and Counselors empowered with Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Applied Science Massage Therapy, Bachelor of Applied Science Yoga Therapy/ Ayurveda, Doctor of Traditional Natural Medicine with major degree specialization in Indigenous Traditional Medicine such as Native American, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Traditional Naturopathy, Yoga Therapy and Holistic Nutrition. We invite you to join us.

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